I have handed my son over to surgeons knowing they would stop his heart, and prayed that it would beat again. I have learned more than I ever thought I could. I have cried more than I ever thought possible. I have celebrated victories and milestones that others never have to. I have walked a road I never knew existed. I will walk this road forever. I am a mommy to a CHD Angel ♥ iLy Kayden James

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Oh I'm so sorry Misty, let me know if there is anything I can do for you!! Even if it's to watch your kids I will!!! Well that's what I heard 5 months ago when Kayden passed away...WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU NOW? Oh so it's been 5 months I should be over it right? Or I shouldn't need anyone to watch Kayden's brothers so I can do to class and finish my degree so I can attempt to start some kind of life and have some stability for them....Yea thats what I thought there is NO ONE...People say shit at the time because that's what everyone else is doing and that's the 'right' thing to do...Well ya know I don't want to hear it unless you freakin mean it....Funny I have a few select people who still check on us to be sure we are ok...Most of them have lost a child too! My mom is the ONLY one in my family who tries to help me anymore, but she has a bitch of a general manager so therefore she can't get off the 2 mornings I go to school...And if I found someone next week, too bad I will not go next week because I'm taking the toys to UVa to REMEMBER MY SON and his birthday is next Wednesday and I will NOT do anything that day except things to remember him. I'm so tired of people not helping me so, I will not be helping any of them anymore!! So now on to my second plan, I'll go to CNA classes when we get our tax refund which will be a 7 week program in the evenings.....That way my mom can watch them and I won't have to find anyone....All I have to say is NO ONE better ask me to help them again....It's ashame when your own family can't even help you anymore, that just shows this world is really getting extremely bad.

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  1. I'm Sorry You Are Having To Go Through All This..I Don't Know What You Are Going Through..I Do Know I Could NEVER Ever Begin To Imagine What You Are Going Through..I Pray For Each & Every Single One Of You EveryDay & I Think About You Guys All The Time..I Love You All Misty..Merry ChristMas & Kiss The Babies 4 Me
    <3 Jaci & Family