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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Confessions of a Twilight junkie...

OKAY I'll admit..YES, I am a Twilight JUNKIE!! I love it & can't get enough!! I've finally read all of the books, I actually never thought I'd like The Twilight Saga, I saw previews for the first movie and I was like OMG that looks so stupid..Well who know I'd freaking love it!! So I finally watched Twilight & New Moon ohh like 10 times then I decided I wanted to know what was going to happen. So I read Eclipse & Breaking Dawn haha..Well I actually got my mom to buy me the first two books & I've finally finished reading them it took me like a week to read them both lol! I'll have to admit I like the movies better! But the books are amazzing I think! Stephanie Meyer has some talent IMO. Well today has been what I call a "Twilight Day" lmao. It's when I start early in my day & watch all 3 movies..So now I think I've saw Twilight & New Moon now like 20 times (literally) and Eclipse probably about 7 times now haha! I saw it in theaters umm two or three times I can't remember. So now it's got me VERY eager to see Breaking Dawn when it comes out I believe in November. So I think I might go ahead and read that book again when I get some time. I also today found 95 reasons to hate Twilight, I couldn't help but read them and laugh. I love it but the reasons were just funny..You can Google it and you'll find the reasons. All in all today has been a good day & I'm not looking forward to tomorrow because I've got to get up too early to get Alexis & Lyndsee up for school lol! When can they wake their selves up again? hahah..I hope you all had a great weekend =]! Now I know everyone has an addiction to something..What is yours?


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  2. I didn't think I would like the Twilight Saga either, but I totally got hooked. A lot of people didn't like Breaking Dawn, but I loved it. Bella became a stronger woman in that novel.

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